Functional Aesthetic Gynecology

Labiaplasty • Vulvar rejuvenation • Vaginal sagging • Incontinence • Genital whitening • Genital warts.

Aesthetic and functional gynecology also includes non-invasive procedures such as non-surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence, tightening of the labia majora and depigmentation of the genital area, among others.

We offer you treatments that have the latest Fractional CO2 Laser technology.

We have functional aesthetic gynecology services such as:

If you identify with any of these symptoms, we invite you to schedule your evaluation appointment.

You feel pain, discomfort and/or interference from your vaginal lips in different activities.

Your labia majora or minora are large and/or visible through clothing.

Loss of volume of the labia majora or sagging .

You have an itchy white or pale pink plaque in your genital area.

You feel uncomfortable with your cesarean section or episiotomy scar.

You have post-surgical granulomas

You notice darkening or spots

You feel and/or see masses, lumps or warts on your genitals.

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