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Centro Médico Clínica Bucaramanga

Calle 54 33-45 Piso 10
Consultorio 1005 - 1006

We are a clinic specialized in women’s, gynecological and aesthetic health. At Gynmedical you will find specialized medical, surgical, dermatological and aesthetic services, with personalized treatments, so that you can enhance your feminine and sexual essence, looking radiant inside and out.

We are supported by a medical team of professionals in gynecology, dermatology and aesthetics, widely recognized nationally and internationally. Supported with the best technology, endorsed and certified.

Our mission

Always guarantee the maximum physical and psychological well-being of our patients, through comprehensive health and functional aesthetic treatments, backed by medical excellence, cutting-edge technology and the best care experience.

Nuestra Misión

Garantizar siempre el máximo bienestar físico y psicológico de nuestras pacientes, mediante tratamientos integrales de salud y estética funcional, respaldados por la excelencia medica, tecnología de punta y la mejor experiencia de atención.

Our vision

Our commitment by 2026 is to be a clinic with National recognition, which provides women with a truly remarkable experience of comprehensive health and well-being, based on an innovative care model that accompanies every stage of their life.

Nuestra Visión

Nuestro compromiso al año 2026 es ser una clínica con reconocimiento Nacional, que brinda a la mujer una experiencia verdaderamente notable de salud y bienestar integral, basado en un modelo de atención innovador que acompañada cada etapa de su vida.

Why choose us?

Our values

icono de responsabilidad


We fulfill our commitments.
icono de amabilidad


From the smallest of our actions on a daily basis, it creates a ripple that changes the world.
icono de liderazgo


We transform our vision into reality, making things happen.
icono de confianza


We strengthen ties with empathy and respect, which allows us easy, instant and effective communication.
icono de integridad


We believe in what we do and we work internally and externally on it.
icono de excelencia


We are passionate about what we do, and we express it with discipline in each task, making it extraordinary.
icono de servicio


People are the most important part of our institution. Being attentive to your needs and expectations to ensure that this happens is our reason for being.
icono de innovación


We stay updated, open to change, with an always creative and improvement approach.

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Meet our professionals

Carolina Bravo Rueda

Bilingual psychologist, Specialist in Clinical Psychology and Personal Self-efficacy, with a master's degree in Education and 5 years of experience in psychological counseling.

She has participated in various processes, from talent acquisition to teaching and counseling in public and private entities. Her skills in scientific research and management, business training, and her teaching staff make her a committed and valuable expert in the educational and business field..

Dra. Lizeth Garzón

Gynecologist and Co-Founder
Dr. Lizeth Garzón Gynecologist and Co-Founder Gynecologist and Obstetrician with extensive experience in Prenatal Control, Gynecological and Obstetric Surgery; specialist in gynecological aesthetics and vulvovaginal rejuvenation; specialist in management of pre-malignant lesions of the cervix and vulva.

  • Member of the Colombian association of lower genital tract pathology and colposcopy.
  • Member of the Latin American Association of Vulvovaginal Pathology solapav.
  • Member of the association of Colombian aesthetic gynecologists AGEOC

María Fernanda Monsalve

Clinic Nutricionist
Nutritionist and Dietitian from the Industrial University of Santander, with knowledge in Sports Nutrition and Nutrition applied to Chronic pathologies. She has 10 years of experience in Clinical and Functional Nutrition; Management of advanced body composition assessment technology.

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