Gynecology and Obstetrics

Menstrual disorders • Fibroids • Discharges • Vaginal discomfort • Sexually transmitted diseases • Planning • Menopause

We know the needs of women, that is why here you will find comprehensive feminine and sexual health treatments.

"We will help you clarify all your doubts, concerns, fears, ... in an environment of total trust, complicity and security. From now on you are in the best hands, we warmly welcome you and we hope to see you soon."
Dra. Lizeth Garzón

We have gynecology and obstetrics services such as:

Free control consultation for patients.

Post-Visit Service exclusively for our patients

(Free up to 1 month from the last visit. Includes 1 consultation. Service valid only for patients seen in person and as long as a maximum of 1 month has passed since that visit).

Have you recently come as a patient? Do you have any questions regarding any treatment or symptoms? Maybe you simply need to clarify some doubt that has arisen…

The most important thing for us is your trust and security, and the peace of mind of knowing that you remain in contact with the Doctor for 1 month after your visit.

Online Consultation

We will resolve your doubts live about the female universe (sexuality, gynecology, pregnancy, menopause, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.) from your own home and with the help of the doctor.

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