Human papillomavirus • Premalignant vulvar and cervical lesions associated with HPV

We have a comprehensive cervical pathology program, with all high-quality colposcopy services supported by the latest technology.

“With regular cytology and the HPV test, we can always detect premalignant lesions in time and prevent progression, since cervical cancer does not form overnight, it takes more than a decade in most cases. cases”
Dra. Lizeth Garzón

We have Colposcopy services such as:

HPV is the
most common sexually transmitted infection that exists.

80% of the sexually active population has had it at some point, but in more than 90% of cases it is completely harmless and disappears spontaneously. In a small percentage of cases, it can cause lesions such as genital warts (condylomas) and premalignant lesions in the cervix, the latter in the long term can evolve into cervical cancer.

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